Zseries Z7 - Z21
Zonablu Zseries The device is designed to cover large areas or open spaces, like malls, trade fairs, conventions, museums, hospitals or to be installed in a vehicle in movement.

In these cases it is necessary to cover the largest area possible, so we recommend the installation of one or more Zonablu Zseries devices. Each device will cover an area with a ratio of maximium 100 meters range. It is recommendable that the device has “vision contact” in all the target area, because the range can be affected by architectonical barriers.

Publicidad por bluetooth How does Zonablu® work?

Zonablu® Zseries is a combination of Hardware and Software, that allows to send messages to any mobile phone equipped with Bluetooth, when the user enter the covered area.

The software allows you to program the system with the variables desired for your campaign.

The most common variables used are:

  • Name of the sender.
  • Bluetooth Range.
  • Delay between deliveries of the same message to the same mobile phone.
  • Delay between deliveries of different messages to the same mobile phone.
  • Delay between deliveries failed (re-try).
Once the system has been programmed it functions without connection to a computer or control unit – It only requires 220V to start your campaign.

Publicidad con bluetooth Please note that our Campaign Manager software, only works with devices bought directly trough Zseries Manager, or trough our official distributors. To buy the software only, please contact directly with Zonablu®.

Publicidad por bluetooth Technical data

Main features:
  • Dimensions:
    · Length: 22cm.
    · Width: 15cm.
    · Height: 4cm.
  • Up to 7/21 simultaneous Bluetooth connections (depending on the model).
  • To work with the device it should be connected to a PC trough:
    · Bluetooth. (coming soon)
    · Ethernet (Operative)
    · Wi-Fi, GSM, GPRS with an external CF card, not included.
    · Conexión GPRS opcional
    · USB, RS232 and GPIO.
  • Incorporates filtering firewall.
  • All Bluetooth and API profiles supported.
  • Radius of 100 meters, With the software the radius can be varied between 10 and 100 meters.
  • DHCP for plug-and-play installation.
  • Security: SSH, Firewall and 128 bit Bluetooth encryption.
  • Easy install accessory available for wall mounting.
  • Optional battery
  • Bluetooth, CE y FCC certification.

In the Zonablu® Zseries package is included:

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