GPRS Compact Flash Card
 Compact Flash GPRS Enfora Publicidad por bluetooth What is the GPRS Compact Flash card ?

It is a hardware accessory which connects a GPRS SIM Card to the device.

Publicidad por bluetooth What is it used for ?

The devices that are difficult to access directly or trough internet can be controlled via the GPRS Compact Flash card option.

Publicidad por bluetooth How is the GPRS Compact Flash Card used ?

Zonablu® Z21x and Z7x devices are equipped with a CF slot prepared for GPRS communication trough the CF Card. All sold versions in the Zseries are compatible with this service.
The new version of the Zseries Manager Software, which is delivered when a device is purchased, allows the configuration of the devices to GPRS communication. The new software version is also compatible with all devices in the Zseries.

Specifications for the ENFORA GPRS Card (recommended):

  • Designed to work in GSM/GPRS networks.
  • Integrated antenna.
  • Bandwidth 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz.
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