Zonablu® Zseries Manager
Software marketing bluetooth Zseries Manager is the Campaign Manager software that allows you to configure all Zseries devices and comes included when you purchase any Zseries device. The software comes with an unlimited licence that allows you to control multiple Zonablu Zseries devices and one version of the software can control multiple Zseries devices.

What does the software allow you too control: Zonablu® software engineers have designed Zseries Manager to control every aspect of your bluetooth marketing campaigns.

What does the software allow you to control:
  • Name of sender.
  • Bluetooth range.
  • Delay between scan for Bluetooth new enabled devices.
  • Delay between sending the same message to the same device.
  • Delay between retries if the previous intent fails.
  • Delay between different files sent to the same device.
  • It is possible to upload an unlimited number of messages in different formats, text, images, animated images, Vcards, video...Bluetooth marketing software
See how successful your campaign was:
  • Statistics displayed for each day of the campaign:
    - Number of mobiles detected.
    - Number of messages received.
    - Number of failed attempted connections.
    - Printable reports.
Once you have configured the device and setup your campaign the only thing you need to do is plug in the power cord. The device will automatically start the campaign after 30 sec and then run the campaign until it is switched off or a new campaign loaded.

Publicidad con bluetooth Zonablu Zseries Manager software has been configured to only work with Zonablu devices bought directly through Zonablu® or one our official distributors. To buy the software only, please contact Zonablu® directly.
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