What is the best way to use Zonablu® ?
Bluetooth marketing Zonablu® is a proximity marketing system, developed to run advertisement- and communication campaigns in commercial environments. The system is designed to work autonomously and to be deployed quickly and easily.

From a commercial point of view the benefit of the system is, that within the area covered by the system, it enables you to forward text, images, sound and video messages to potential clients. In that way you can direct your clients from one point to another, provoking that the client turn his attention towards the product or business desired.

The following applications are examples of optimal use of the system:

Publicidad por bluetooth Trade Fairs and Conventions
  • Organizer:
    Combining ads and messages from the exhibitors with general information from the organizer of the trade fair or convention (such as opening hours, special events, up-coming etc.) you can create information areas within the Trade Fair or convention.

  • Exhibitor:
    Turn your exhibition area into a Zonablu® coverage area. You can create an area of special attention, in which your potential clients are amazed by your information and advertisement messages entering their mobile phones. The potential client that receives your messages will remember you better, because he is carrying your message wherever he goes with his mobile phone. The system not only serves to call the attention of the potential client, obviously as well to give him information about your company, your products, special promotions etc.

Proximity marketing Publicidad por bluetooth Discos y Bars

With a Zonablu® coverage area inside your business you can promote beverages, special offers and events. Covering the outside areas with a Zonablu, you can promote your business 24 hours a day to all by-passers and clients waiting in line to get in.

Publicidad por bluetooth Hotels

A Zonablu® in your hotel helps you to transmit information and create an advertisement area within the hotel. You can transmit information about you hotel or third part information (Weather, points of interest, tourist attractions, trips, restaurants etc.) or simply leave a VCard in the mobile phones of the clients.

Bluetooth advertising Publicidad por bluetooth Commercial areas · Malls

Setting up a Zonablu® coverage area in your mall will help to give the mall a state of the art image. The Zonablu will give you the opportunity to promote the businesses and services in the mall. You can transmit information about promotions and events to any client within the area. This will help to direct the attention of your client to where you want it.

Publicidad por bluetooth Shops and small businesses

With a Zonablu® coverage area you can:

  • Attract the attention of clients that pass by your business in a radio of 100 meters.
  • Transmit offers and information to your potential clients 24 hours a day.
  • Initiate viral marketing campaigns to your potential clients.

Publicidad por bluetooth Cinemas

You can transmit promotional information and even forward trailers to your potential clients.

Publicidad por bluetooth Public transport · Buses and metros
Marketing de proximidad
The Zonablu® can help you transmit information to the clients on board as well as to the clients in transit. With an on board model of the Gigablu transmitter, you will have the capacity to transmit information and advertise, not only to the clients on board, but also to everybody with a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone close to where the vehicle pass by. This way the Zonablu® give your company an extra opportunity to increase your third part advertisement income. The system can give you exact impact information.
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