GPRS Connection
Zonablu® clients have the option to remote control and remote configure their devices, with no need for cable connection to the Zonablu® device with an ethernet cable (Ethernet connection) to a PC for setting up campaigns.

Publicidad por bluetooth What is the purpose of this type of connection ?

To access devices that are placed with difficult access to them, with direct line of sight between PC and device, which need to be configured without cable connection.

 Configuración GPRS

Publicidad por bluetooth What is needed to set up devices with GPRS ?

Zonablu® Z21x y Z7x devices can be equiped with a GPRS Compact Flash Card trough the built in CF-Port. The GPRS Compact Flash Card is supplied sepparately and can be used with any Zonablu® Zseries device previously delivered.
The new version of Zseries Manager software, that is delivered with the devices, allow the device to be setup to GPRS connections. This software version can be used with any Zonablu® Zseries device previously delivered.

GPRS Connection requierements:

  • 1 Zonablu® Zseries device.
  • 1 110v~220v Power adapter.
  • 1 Software license configuration manager software.
  • 1 PC with internet connection.
  • 1 GPRS Compact Flash Card.
  • 1 SIM Card from a mobile operator that offer: Data traffic contract with min. 1 GB/month with fixed IP. (We reccomend Vodafone)
  • Where the device is set up it is necessary that the mobile operator choosen offers GPRS coverage for the placed Zonablu® devices.
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