WIFI Compact Flash Card
Compact Flash WIFI AmbiCom Publicidad por bluetooth What is a WIFI Compact Flash Card ?

It is a hardware card that is used for wireless communication with and configuration of devices without any need for connection Zonablu® with an Ethernet cable (Ethernet connection) connected to a PC durring campaign management.

Publicidad por bluetooth What is the card used for ?

To access devices that are placed with difficult access to them, with direct line of sight between PC and device, which need to be configured without cable connection.

Publicidad por bluetooth How is the WIFI Compact Flash Card used ?

Zonablu® Z21x y Z7x devices can be equiped with a WIFI Compact Flash Card trough the built in CF-Port. The WIFI Compact Flash Card is supplied sepparately and can be used with any Zonablu® Zseries device previously delivered.
The activation of the WIFI connection is done by our production department.

Card specifications WIFI AMBICOM (recommended):

  • Designed to work in WIFI networks.
  • Internal antena.
  • Transfer speed 11Mbps.
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