Remote connection trough INTERNET
Zonablu® clients have the option to remote control and remote configure their devices, with no need for connection to the Zonablu® device with an Ethernet cable (Ethernet connection) to a PC for setting up campaigns.

Publicidad por bluetooth What is the purpose of this type of connection ?

Devices that are difficult to access directly can be controlled conveniently via the Internet.

 Configuración vía INTERNET

Publicidad por bluetooth What is needed to establish a Remote connection trough INTERNET?

The new version of the software Zseries Manager that is delivered with any Zseries device, allow for remote connection trough internet. It is posible to assign a remote IP address to each device with the software, which will be the same IP as assigned to the router (This IP should be fixed and public). With the software it is also posible to assign a mask and a subnet to each device.
The software is compatible with any Zonablu® device purchased aerlier.

Requisitos para la conexión remota vía INTERNET:

  • 1 Dispositivo Zonablu® Zseries.
  • 1 or more 110v~220v Power adaptors.
  • 1 License Campaign Manager Sofware.
  • 1 PC with OS Windows 2000, XP or Windows Vista.

    Conected to the device:

  • 1 Router with internet connection and a fixed and public IP address.
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