Ethernet + Wireless LAN Connection
Configuring multiple Zonablu Z-services devices could not be easier, connect to them via your Ethernet network or wirelessly from your PC. Then using the Zonablu campaign manager software you can give each device a unique IP address allowing you to configure all the Zseries devices on the same network from one PC. This configuration would be ideal for multiple units deployed in a shopping centre.

Publicidad por bluetooth What can we use this type of connection for ?

To install, setup and maintain several devices connected to the same Local Area Network (LAN).

 Conexión LAN Ethernet + WIFI

Publicidad por bluetooth What is needed to make an Ethernet + Wireless LAN Connection ?

Zonablu® Z7x and Z21x devices come with a standard Ethernet connector that allows you to connect any Zseries device to your local network.

Optional Extra:
To connect to your Zseries device wirelessly you will need to purchase the Zonablu WiFi Compact Flash card that fits into the units built if CF-Port.
  • 1 or more Zonablu® Zseries devices.
  • 1 or more 110v~220v Power adaptors.
  • 1 License Campaign Manager Sofware.
  • 1 PC with OS Windows 2000, XP or Windows Vista.
  • 1 Ethernet cables supplied with the device's.
  • 1 or more Compact Flash WiFi Cards (optional).

Publicidad con bluetooth It is not possible to use WiFi and GPRS connection at the same time.
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